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Grand Lobby

The lobby is like a big and welcoming hello to all its occupants and business visitors. Its awesome and impressive, just how you would want your clients to think of you.



All amenities and facilities at this commercial office building in Salt Lake Sector V Kolkata are well-equipped for your convenience including the smartly designed lifts which ensure that your journey to the top is safe, comfortable and reliable.


Multi-level Car Park

The habitable office spaces start from the 9th-floor making provision for the office even in the first level to enjoy beautiful views of the majestic city from the top.

The multi-level car park provides a convenient way to park executive and visitor cars.


Executive Club Lounge

Excellence is made constant through the feeling that comes right after one has completed a work that he or she finds undeniably awe-inspiring.

After this one wants to relax until one is ready to renew such a feeling all over again because all else has become absolutely trivial.

The Executive Club Lounge is a place to unwind and get recharged for an amazing day ahead. Traveling executives can use the shower and attend meetings straight after an early morning flight. The business conference room can be used for holding important meetings. The restaurant is planned to serve international cuisine. An open terrace area is a versatile place for Yoga and fresh air.

  • Executive shower areas.
  • Specialty restaurant.
  • Business conference room.
  • Open Terrace & Amphitheatre.

These add on features make the task easier for you when it comes to such serious investment to buy commercial space in Salt Lake Sector V Kolkata.


24 X 7 Operations

Imagine Techpark is designed for round-the-clock operations. It is suited for companies who want to be fiercely competitive or service clients around the world.

A state-of-the-art integrated building management system monitors every aspect of the infrastructure to provide pre-emptive data on service issues. This enables predictive support and seamless office operations.

  • Integrated with BMS.
  • Multiple Optic Fiber Connectivity through renowned ISPs & Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • 24 x 7 hours operational building.


Gymnasium / Spa

A state-of-the-art health club including a well-planned gymnasium and a spa on the top floor is an amenity that is much required in today's 24x7 work atmosphere. One needs to rejuvenate, reboot and stay agile to be able to perform at an optimum level and IMAGINE Techpark provides an environment to do just that.


High End Rest Rooms

IMAGINE Techpark is complemented with thoughtful utilities. Every corner of the building is well planned. The facilities used are safe, hygienic, and suitable for the employees, making the working environment - comfortable, clean and stylish.

  • Superior quality fitting and fixtures.
  • Finished Common Toilet in every floor.
  • Executive Toilets in every office.


Air-Conditioning System & DG Back up

Energy-efficient Air-Conditioning system

At Imagine Techpark, you get an energy-efficient climate solution for your office spaces. The VRV air conditioning system tames the warmer temperatures outside with minimized energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings.

Complete Redundant Power

The 100% DG Backup system is silent and powerful and provides a continuous power supply to computers, servers, data centers and other equipment including lights and air cons.


Processed water supply

A processed water supply round the clock at the commercial office space in saltlake sector V kolkata ensures business continuity with the higher form of utility support.

Intelligent Fire Fighting System

The latest fire fighting system and sprinklers ensure human and business data safety to the maximum level.

So, if you too are looking for an office space in Salt Lake Sector V Kolkata, then contact us!

For any Customer/Service related queries, please contact:


Imagine Techpark
Block DP, Plot no 6
Saltlake Sector V
Kolkata - 700091

Telephone : +91 33 7100 2564

Office space in Salt Lake Sector V Kolkata

If you are looking to buy office space in Kolkata; if you’re interested in an exciting work environment and are looking for a premium office space in Salt Lake Sector V, the city’s IT hub; then Imagine TechPark is the place for you. This is where your dream of the perfect work atmosphere comes true.

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