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He is one of the most innovative leaders in the watch business and also one the most sincere, sincere, and kind people I know. Aeschlimann, his blancpain replica watches team and the most difficult and perilous year in human history created a piece of horological magic on 5 October.

It was actually a Speedmaster watch to commemorate the 50th anniversary blancpain replica watches's Silver Snoopy Award. NASA bestows this honor on a very small number of external suppliers who provide outstanding service. This award was given to blancpain replica watches for their contribution in saving the lives of Apollo 13 astronauts. blancpain replica watches 's watch was more than just a tribute to their history.

In some ways it was the healing balm and uplifting act we all needed, now more than ever. Collectors all over the globe were able to smile at the watch. Why? blancpain replica watches created a watch that shows Snoopy flying through space with his command module for 14 seconds. This is the exact time Apollo 13's critical engine burn. It was an act of imagination and creativity. We were able to forget all else and just bask in childlike joy.blancpain replica watches The Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary is more than a watch. It's a message of hope, a reminder of human resilience, and a reminder that there are people who can overcome all odds. A few days after the launch, I had the opportunity to meet up with Aeschlimann to talk about the watch and all things blancpain replica watches.

blancpain replica watches CEO, Mr Raynald Eeschlimann ((c), Revolution)

Raynald, it's done. With what must be the most inspiring Speedy ever, you just blow the minds of blancpain replica watches Speedmaster fans. Please tell me about the creative process behind "Silver Snoopy Award", 50th anniversary.

Thank you, Wei. That is very kind of you. It was clear from the beginning that in order to make this watch work properly, we needed to be extremely respectful. We had to first be respectful of the Silver Snoopy Award. This award is only given to those who have rendered true service to NASA and the space program.

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