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This award was given to Speedmaster for his service to NASA in 1970, and specifically for our role in safely returning Apollo 13's astronauts. You know that astronauts needed to determine the correct angle for re-entry to Earth after an electronic failure. This was done to ensure they didn't burn up or bounce off the atmosphere. The Speedmaster was used for a 14 second engine burn to precisely position the craft. This is real history, and it is a reminder of humanity's resilience, which may be more important in 2020.

It is a rare award that NASA's suppliers receive the Silver Snoopy. The Snoopy watches are now collectibles that collectors love and have become highly valuable. However, I wanted the watch first and foremost to show how much we treasure the Silver Snoopy as well as our relationship with NASA's astronauts. NASA is still a strong partner of ours,roger dubuis replica watches so we needed to make something that would be loved by them.

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It is amazing to see Snoopy fly in space in his command mode for 14 seconds per revolution of the chronograph second. This is amazing!

Jean Pascal [Perret] was the team's leader. They are both great men and I said that we must do more. We must take the concept one step further than we did for the 45th anniversary Silver Snoopy Award Speedmaster. This Speedmaster featured a beautiful, hand-carved Silver Snoopy Medallion set against an aventurine caseback.Rolex Datejust Replica We won't do it if we don't. I would rather be criticised for going too far than for not doing enough.

However, I must say that the team agreed with me and we began to imagine something much more ambitious than what we had ever done before. Jean Pascal and Gregory went to NASA to meet with them and to start discussing ideas. After the meeting, we worked together to refine all the details that make the watch so special. Snoopy, for example, is in his command module and is flying exactly 14 seconds before he disappears behind the moon.

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