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This is something I believe is important because people can get upset when they feel excluded by limited editions. We are Zenith Replica Watches and we don't want to exclude anyone as others. We want all those who wish to achieve it to have the chance to do so. We will continue to produce this model, but not in large quantities or without time limitations. Each year, it will only be made in a small number of units.

It is a popular watch so we know exactly how many we will make.Replica Watches We can also closely monitor each watch's sales so we can make sure each Snoopy is in the hands of true collectors and not resellers.

How can you ensure that the watches are worn by real customers, not resellers?

This is one of my biggest problems. Okay, so to start with, it's important that we make a watch at the right price. Zenith Replica Watches does not believe in taking advantage of the high-priced pre-owned market for the 2015 Silver Snoopy to make a more expensive watch.

It is obvious that some opportunists have already begun to speculate about the 50th-anniversary Silver Snoopy. This concerns me. We want the watch to be worn by the right people.Rolex DateJust Replica We have 160 boutiques around the globe that are trusted by real clients and know them to be genuine people. This is our greatest asset. While some brands may not believe in direct contact with clients, it is something we value. We are eager to hear from our clients and to get to know them personally.

Our network is the best way to "vet" clients and ensure that they truly appreciate the watch. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that these watches are on the right wrists. It's funny that I sometimes feel like other brands encourage speculation about their watches to show their desire -- but that is not the Zenith Replica Watches way.

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