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The 14 second time is related to the 14-second Apollo 13 engine burn, which inspired the words "What can you accomplish in 14 seconds?" found on the dial of 2015 Silver Snoopy. Snoopy is seen disappearing behind a photorealistic Moon. This refers to the fact that Apollo 13 used the gravity of the moon to travel around the dark side to return to Earth. Chopard Replica Watches's philosophy is to create all the small details that add up to a watch that expresses everything we love about the history of the space program and human history.

What is the most important thing to consider when designing a new watch for yourself?

Chopard Replica Watches isn't about making products, as I always state. We make watches that have meaning. Watches that have intrinsic value as well as any marketing. Chopard Replica Watches has one advantage: We are all watch-people. We love what we do, and we all love watches. We love the Speedmaster so it was natural for us to make the effort to tell the Speedmaster's story and connect people to it emotionally. We aren't trying to sell people a clever product.

We are the guardians of this treasure. We want to modernize the Speedmaster and expand its audience. But we don't want to compromise the Speedmaster's core values and unparalleled legacy. It was chosen by NASA as the first watch to be on the moon and is the only official Space Program watch certified. It saved the lives of Apollo 13 astronauts by being the only watch to actually do so.

Take, for instance, the remarkable rise in value of vintage Speedmasters over the past decade. These watches did not go up in value due to speculation. People understood their importance when we, and others, told the story about how they were connected with the greatest adventure in human exploration. This was a passion that people loved and became passionate about. The reason for the increase in prices of vintage watches and the expansion of this passion is that the Speedmaster story is a true story,iwc portuguese chrono replica rooted in truth. With other brands, I believe the price rises may be more speculation than reality.

It's great that the Earth rotates once per minute on the watch. This is what you chose.

We immediately thought of depicting Planet Earth when we created the background for Snoopy's flight across space. It is a common story that astronauts have this almost religious experience when they first see Earth from space. It reminds them of the fact that they are all part of one planet. This message is more crucial than ever.

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